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Use of QI Change ideas to increase PrEP delivery in different entry points

What is PALMS? 

Simon Ndira, CEO of Compelling Works

Simon Ndira and his team focus on the data-related components of PALMS, which present dashboards with key indicators for HIV prevention.

What is QI Collaborative?

“With the coming of PALMS, we can say now we are using the data. We are implementing the activities basing on the evidence. Previously, we are just doing the activities somehow. But with the use of the data, we are now using the evidence and we are really targeting those people at risk. So after identifying the people at risk, it's when we deliver the core package of HIV interventions.”

Loncy Sajeni

Deputy District Environmental Health Officer, Blantyre District

“I think PALMS, it's really good because the data is already there. You don't have to struggle to see how you're performing. You don't have to go through several registers.... You don't have to take a lot of time.... You just go in using your phone, check how your indicators are performing, check where you're not performing, check where you're performing well. So that also we aim to improve even more where we are performing well and where we're not performing well, we come up with change ideas. We come up with solutions. We come up with PDA circles and then we test the ideas. We see which one make better and we see which one can help us to improve the HFA outcomes in our district.”

Tamanda Nzima

Nurse, Quality Improvement Mentor,

HTS Coordinator, Blantyre DHO

What is the QI collaborative?

Bruce Agins

Director of HealthQual International 

Prevention data has often been separated and that it comes in epidemiological surveillance reports like HIV tests and other markers of infectious diseases. What’s incredible about BPS is that these data streams are coming together in one unified platform.

Edward Moses

QI Consultant for UCSF HealthQual

BPS has a QI collaborative called PrEPUp. This collaborative is important because it provides facilities with the opportunity to learn from each other, teach one another, and disseminate results aimed at HIV prevention.

What are community labs?

Richard Chilongosi, Family Health Services

The Community Lab Model, it's a model that is based on a human-centered design sprint. It focuses on community involvement with public health professionals as equal experts to design solutions toward HIV prevention.

Chimwewe Pinto, Statistical Officer

Blantyre DHO

Dr. Gift Kawalazira, Director of Health and Social Services, Blantyre District Council 

Before BPS coordinators were using data for decision making, but they were still asking for help from the Health Management Information System to analyze data. So BPS came with a system called PALMS that is supporting the district with HIV data for decision-making. 

What is special about PALMS is that it pulls data from multiple resources automatically. It analyzes the data, gives you graphs, and red flags. If the data from a certain source or facility does not make sense, then the platform is able to point you towards the correct data source.

Tamanda Nzima, Nurse, Quality Improvement Mentor,

HTS Coordinator, Blantyre DHO

With PALMS, we are able to know which community needs prevention services such as condoms or PrEP. With BPS, power has been given to the people, so community members are able to make decisions and tell us the resources they need to be protected from contracting HIV infections and further improve health outcomes.

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