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Engaging political leadership — work with city & district councilors

Dr. Edna N Bosire

Postdoctoral Research Scientist 

Georgetown University 

The BPS Strategy was developed to enhance district-led capacities in responding to HIV prevention strategies in Malawi. While the government has made significant progress in addressing HIV, more work is needed to prevent its spread. To tackle the structural drivers of HIV, BPS collaborates with elected city councillors who help address community issues. BPS aims to create a demand for quality services and ensure the sustainability of products at the community level. By doing so, it hopes to equip young people with the necessary tools to prevent the spread of HIV and reduce infection rates in the future.

Uche Selassie Yesaya

Councillor  - Michiru Ward

Thokozani Kawazira Phekanj

Councillor - Soche West Ward

The BPS program empowers Councillor Yesaya's community with comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS, focusing on prevention and treatment. Through collaboration with community partners like Pakachere and Chirimba Clinic, councillors educate others on prevention strategies from awareness campaigns, and provide access to PEP, PrEP, and condoms. These efforts aim to eliminate the spread of the virus by 2030.

The BPS program has provided Councillor Phekanj with accurate information about HIV/AIDS and encouraged communities to seek testing and counseling. By guiding, teaching, and supporting both communities and councillors, BPS has helps raise awareness about the benefits of testing, encouraging people to lead healthier lives. Through partnerships with the Ward Civil Protection Committee (WCPC), they trained members to help spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, recognizing that one leader cannot achieve this alone.

Adaptation — expanding service delivery for current prevention tools and improving introduction and scale-up of cutting-edge tools like injectable PrEP 

Isaac Jomo Osman 

Councillor - Bangwe Nthandizi Ward 

Leonard Chimbanga

Councillor - Blantyre Soche East Ward

Through the BPS program's training sessions, Councillor Osman's community in the Bangwe Nthandizi Ward has become more informed about HIV/AIDS and how they can protect themselves. They have learned about the use of PEP, PrEP, and condoms, as well as crucial information about medications and disease statistics across different age groups. Councillor Osman also leverages his passion for football to bring people together and educate them on HIV prevention.

The BPS program has greatly benefited Councillor Chimbanga and his community by teaching them effective HIV prevention strategies. Councillor Chimbanga is now better equipped with vital information and training, improving his ability to interact with the community and understand HIV/AIDS statistics. Through collaboration with partners like hospitals, he ensures the community has access to essential prevention materials such as PeP, PreP, and Condoms.

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